2015 Finals & Year End

~~~ 2014-2015 Year End Award Winners ~~~

Youth Year End Winners

1D Youth
1st Teagan Miller & Lady (Buckle)
2nd Jayden Herrington & JP (Stirrups)
3rd Elle Boudreaux & Millie (Halter)
4th Teagan Miller & Tilly (Sheet)
5th Berkley Hudnall & Red Feather (Backpack)

2D Youth
1st Jayden Herrington & Poptart (Buckle)
2nd Braley Hudnall & Lucy (Stirrups)
3rd Caden Wilson & Miss Smoke (Halter)
4th Berkley Hudnall & Red Feather (Sheet)
5th Elle Boudreaux & Mille (Backpack)

3D Youth
1st Caden Wilson & Miss Smoke (Buckle)
2nd Presley Kennedy & Peanut (Stirrups)
3rd Jayden Herrington & Poptart (Halter)
4th Katelyn Jones (Sheet)
5th Presley Kennedy & Baby Girl (Backpack)

Caden Wilson & Miss Smoke 2015 High Point Saddle Certificate Winner

Novice Year End Winners

1D Novice
1st Sheila Zant & Sazzy (Buckle/Necklace)
2nd Jessica Frost & Storm (Stirrups/Necklace)
3rd Lisa Fernandes & Who Dat Bullet (Halter/Necklace)
3rd Sheila Zant & Perks Alive Lady (Halter/Necklace)
4th Katelyn Scott & Raz (Sheet)
5th Malissa Blackmon & Jazz (Shoo Fly boots)

2D Novice
1st Alicia Montgomery & Rodeo (Buckle/Necklace)
2nd Sherry Hale & Corona (Stirrups/Necklace)
3rd Tammie Pinson & Dash (Halter/Necklace)
4th April Gomez & Vick (Sheet)
5th Sheila Zant & Perks Alive Lady (Shoo Fly Boots)

Alicia Montgomery & Rodeo 2015 High Point Novice Saddle Certificate Winner

Open Year End Winners

1D Open
1st Katelyn Scott & Mister Wiggles (Saddle Certificate)
2nd Jeanette Scott & Leah (Buckle)
3rd Katelyn Scott & A Kool Talent (Stirrups)
4th Teagan Miller & Tilly (Halter)
5th Lindsey Ewing & Rosey (Shoo Fly Boots)

2D Open
1st Sheila Zant & Honor Reds Memory (Saddle Certificate)
2nd Mechelle Tyler & Faith (Buckle)
3rd Shelia Zant & Sazzy (Stirrups)
4th Jessica Frost & Storm (Halter)
5th Shelly Griffin & Kisses (Shoo Fly Boots)

3D Open
1st Sheila Zant & Perks Alive Lady (Saddle Certificate)
2nd Cathy Davis & Miss JB 0619) Buckle)
3rd Terry Irwin & Perky (Stirrups)
4th Linda Savage & Angel (Halter)
5th April Gomez & Red Hot Tater Salad (Shoo Fly Boots)
5th Kasie Logsdon & ShezaMitoFoxyCougar (Shoo Fly Boots)

4D Open
1st Jayden Herrington & Poptart (Saddle Certificate)
2nd Cathy Davis & Miss JB (Buckle)
3rd Sherry Hale & Corona (Stirrups)
4th Tammie Pinson & Dash (Halter)
5th Terry Irwin & Quincy (Shoo Fly Boots)

Poles Year End Winners

1D Poles
1st Kinsey Chandler & Tres (Buckle)
2nd Kaily Richardson & Taco (Stirrups)
3rd Teagan Miller & Ace (Halter)
4th Kaylynn Martin & Teaspoon (Shoo Fly Boots)
5th Jayden Herrington & JP (Hay Bag)

2D Poles
1st Kaylynn Martin & French Magic (Buckle)
2nd Kinsey Chandler & Tres (Stirrups)
3rd Kinsey Chandler & Henery (Halter)
4th April Gomez & Honkytonk (Shoo Fly Boots)
5th (Braley Hudnall & Lucy (Hay Bag)

3D Poles
1st Kaily Richardson & Taco (Buckle)
2nd Elle Boudreaux & Millie (Stirrups)
3rd Presley Kennedy & Baby Girl (Halter)
4th Ally Kennedy & Slick (Shoo Fly Boots)
5th Kinsey Chandler & Henery (Hay Bag)

$20,500 Added to the 2014-2015 Finals!!!

$6300 each day added to the Open

$1500 each day added to the Novice

$1000 each day added to the Youth

$500 added each day to the Poles

Weekend Results posted under the Results Menu!

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